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About Us

This is the first picture of the Irish Board with Sue Ryder herself. It was the opening of the first Irish centre in Ballyroan.

Original Sue Ryder Foundation Board Photo

Back Row: Ann O'Hanlon, Michael O'Brien, Robert Johnson, Charles Tweney, Paddy Mulhall, Joan Breen and Bart Horan

Front Row: President Dr Hilliary, Eileen Moran, Lady Sue Ryder, Maeve Hilliary and Charles MacDonald

The Sue Ryder Foundation in Ireland was founded in 1982 by a committee which included Charles McDonald, Paddy Mulhall, Bart Horan, Margaret Dowley and is a registered charity.

Through much hard work the Foundation has grown over the years since its inception to be the largest single housing association provider of elderly accommodation in the State.

Starting in Ballyroan, Co Laois with its first scheme the Foundation has developed five schemes around the country. The voluntary housing movement growth has echoed that of the Foundation. From being the first approved body and the first recipient of a Capital Assistance Grant, dealing with the difficulties of limited State financial intervention and support to the current position where support for the Foundation and the voluntary housing sector as a whole is significant.

The Board has had many changes over the past thirty years and all their efforts have helped the Foundation to continue to develop it unique housing and support model throughout the country.

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