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Lady Ryder of Warsaw (1923-2000)

Sue Ryder, our Founder, served with the Polish section of the secret Special Operations Executive during World War II. She met people of extraordinary courage and saw the human suffering of war. When peace came, she began relief work for the millions of sick, homeless and destitute across the continent. She went on to work in other parts of the world, confronting poverty and disease. The charity was established in 1953 in the UK, with the creation of their first Nursing Home in rural Suffolk.

Sue Ryder's strength and determination has underpinned nearly five decades of wonderful achievements and helped transform the lives of hundreds of thousands of people. Today we have 6 Centres and 30 shops in Ireland and provide international aid services stretching from Macedonia to Malawi.

Our permanent and volunteer staff have always formed the heart of the charity and will continue to do so as we proceed into the new century.

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