Fundraising / Donations

Tax effective giving...    Tax Relief for Irish Taxpayers... making your generosity go further with Tax back on your gifts

If you have, or are planning to donate to Sue Ryder Ireland, your gift may be dramatically increased simply by signing your name.

If you donate €250 or more in one calendar year and are a PAYE-Only tax payer, Sue Ryder can claim Tax back on your gift, at no extra cost to you.

Under the Irish governments Tax Relief scheme, if you donated €250 throughout the year, Sue Ryder Foundation can claim back:

  1. An additional €173.73 directly from the government, if you pay tax at the higher rate
  2. Or a further €62.50, if you pay tax at the standard rate.

Thanks to the generosity of donors who have donated to Sue Ryder and taken the time to send back the completed form, we have been able to provide additional funding for our charity work.

Sue Ryder sends out tax forms once a year to donors who qualify for tax back on their donations. All you need to do is complete the form/s, and return to us in the Freepost envelope provided. Remember, this costs you nothing and it does not affect your tax situation in any way.

All tax information received by Sue Ryder will be treated in the strictest confidence. Contact us on (057) 087 31071 for more information.


Online Donations

We also accept credit/debit card donations online (currently we do not accept Laser). To donate online, simply click on the Donate Now button below:


Click here to donate now


Please note, that we are using PayPal as our payment provider. You do not need to own or setup a new PayPal account to make a donation. On the following page, you can choose to donate using a credit/debit card option or choose to pay using PayPal if you have a PayPal account.