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Address: Dalkey, Co Dublin, Ireland Tel: (01) 230 0199

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dalkey.schemeAbout the Sue Ryder Complex in Dalkey


The Sue Ryder House in Dalkey is situated in a superb location overlooking Dublin Bay and Dalkey Island, close to all the amenities in the village and a short walk from the village centre with its restaurants cafes and pubs.

When the site was purchased from the Loreto nuns it included Carrig-na-Greine, the former family home of a well known family of jewellers dating from the early 18th century. The house, which has a preservation order, required an enormous amount of work to be carried out on it to turn it into a community centre and apartments for the residents of the Sue Ryder House in Dalkey.


The refurbishment of the house was completed as a Millennium Project for the Sue Ryder Foundation in Ireland.

At the moment there are forty eight units of accommodation in a combination of bungalows and apartments. The Foundation provides 24 hour on-site support, lunch seven days a week, as well as a laundry and cleaning service, all of which is inclusive in the weekly charge.

It is impossible not to live in the tranquility of the Sue Ryder House in Dalkey. There you can enjoy the security offered together with all the other advantages that go with style of sheltered accommodation.

Living in the Sue Ryder House in Dalkey also means becoming part of a well-known established community with plenty of outside activities and good shopping facilities and social amenities in the immediate vicinity.

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Cyril Kavanagh (77 years of age)

dalkey.sid"I couldn't ask for a better environment, everyone is friendly and nice, there's always somebody to talk to, even the nurse will pop in twice a week for a quick chat, the staff in the office are lovely and we get brilliant food for lunch everyday."
My name is Cyril Kavanagh, or Sid to those who know me. I am living in No. 5 Sue Ryder, Dalkey. I am 77 years old and have been a resident here for over four years now.
In my years before coming to Sue Ryder, I had a host of job titles over in England, including working in Harrods, Midland Bank and Gatwick Airport, but my heart grew lonely for my Ireland. Originally from Dublin, myself and my sister, Dolly, who was also living in England at the time, decided it was time to come home. When I arrived back in Ireland, I managed to secure a job, as well as a lovely apartment in Dun Laoghaire, that I shared with my sister.
I worked as a porter for 11 years until I got my first heart attack (I have had four altogether, as well as a stroke, but I'm still going strong). Around that time, we got the unfortunate news that we had to leave our apartment as soon as possible, as our landlady had died and the next of kin needed to sell it. We were apprehensive and worried, but we got some advice from a friend, who was already a resident in Sue Ryder, Dalkey, to enquire about getting a house here. Sure enough, we applied for housing and were ecstatic to hear that we had managed to get a place here. I haven't looked back since.
I am so happy to be here in Sue Ryder. Unfortunately, my sister Dolly passed away two years ago and did not get to experience as much of the life here as I have. I couldn't ask for a better environment, everyone is friendly and nice, there's always somebody to talk to, even the nurse will pop in twice a week for a quick chat, the staff in the office are lovely and we get brilliant food for lunch everyday. What benefits me also, based on the fact that I am not as limber as I once was, is that I can go to mass in the chapel here every Sunday, instead of having to struggle to get up to the village.

Olivia Pauline Healy

dalkey.fountain"Hi! My name is Olivia Pauline Healy, but I'm known as Pauline to acquaintances. I live in house No.20, Sue Ryder, Dalkey. In my earlier years I worked for the ESB. I enjoyed sports, such as tennis."
"I was married and lived with my husband in Dalkey, in the same house for over 50 years, in which time we also raised our children. After that long period in our home, our landlord came to me and told me that I must vacate the house, as he wanted to give it to his daughter."
"After spending so many years in that house, I was anxious about where to go. By this time my Husband had passed away, which made things even harder for me. I rang the corporation and I told them my story. They suggested the Sue Ryder Foundation and without much delay and with much ease, I was soon welcomed into Sue Ryder as a new resident."
"I am very happy here in my home here and I have made many friends."
"There is a real community feel to the place. I like to be as helpful to others as they are to me here, and so every morning I will walk up to the village to pick up a paper for my next-door neighbour and walk with him over to the dining room for lunch. We have a great laugh together."
"What I love about it here is the grounds here in Dalkey. They are beautifully maintained, thanks to our brilliant groundskeeper and handy man, Micheal Shannon. He is such a lovely man and is always there to help fix anything that may have broken or needs repair."