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The Sue Ryder Homes in Ireland provide sheltered housing for the elderly and those who have found themselves in difficult circumstances in society.

Not so many years have passed since the work of the Sue Ryder Care was extended to Ireland when a small number of people were enthused to 'Share the Care' in our society.

Each individual house/unit has furnishings such as cookers, fridges and wardrobes, after that each house reflects the character of its residents.

The residents pay a monthly contribution based on their income which covers rent per se, heating, light, laundry, lunch, domiciliary nursing, maintenance, insurance and security.

In each house a four course lunch is served to ensure that all residents are saved the effort of having to provide for their main meal themselves, are fully nourished and it also serves as a social occasion.

There is a supervisor on call 24 hours per day at all Sue Ryder complexes. The Sue Ryder ethos is to 'Share the Care' and is aimed at not just adding years to life but also adding life to those golden years.

Each Sue Ryder settlement has a dedicated manager and a support team.